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Let's talk about culture.

Culture has always been an important part of my life. I started playing theatre and performing at a young age and am incredibly lucky to have grown up with the hobby that allowed me to express myself in the best possible way.

With 80 days to go until the parliamentary elections, I dream about what a more culturally rich Finland would look like and why culture is so important to us as a country and why we need to preserve it.

Culture is not just something we enjoy when we want to indulge ourselves, it is our everyday life and part of our identity. Culture is both our language and what makes us Finns. Culture should be accessible to everyone and there must and cannot be limits on who can make culture and who can make art.

By setting boundaries for art and culture, we also create frames, frames that are not always accessible to everyone, and in this way we sometimes also unintentionally exclude ethnic groups and individuals. Culture is important and must therefore be preserved. Without culture we are not us, without culture we lose our identity.


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